Future squiddy
The FUTURE is WILD 200 Million Years Introduction

The FUTURE is WILD 200 Million Years Introduction

If you really want to understand this odd world a bit better

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This a time 200 milion years into the Future.


  • Weegee, Yoko Littner, Yoshi cupcrake and many other`s of the Weegee team Return to earth to look afte The Great cephalopod civilization and make sure no Evil Weegees or anything eles evil comes and Helping Them sharp History for them
  • Cephalopods took over the role of mammals
  • Snails and slugs took the role of Lizards and reptilies
  • Fish and bugs took the role of birds and Bats
  • There`s only one giant landmasse
  • Hentai is basicly Girls (Like Yoko Littner) Raping Cephalopods

the veiw of life in the past

long Ago, the world was likely ruled by Backboned Creatures who were soo Fearking evil, barbric and turely fleshing monsters like the

Cat a Fearsome Pack hunting animal who likely preyed on our soft body grandparnets back then, Worse of been eaten by those was very likely to be f**ked by Human females who must had showed us up inbetween there legs.

We know that becaruse we have found fossils of something in sharp of some squid today.

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