200,030 is a year in the future.

Life in 200,030

The Earth is now in a new Ice Age. Dinosaurs now rule the earth again. This time, more amazing then ever, saber-toothed tyrannosaurs, Raptors the size of polar bears hunting in the north, and filter feeding squid roamed around the world in this year.

Yoshi cupcrakes, still tribal, now using Tyrannosaur as pets, and they now have a queen and king, those two are Yoko Littner and Yoshi cupcrake, Also, They have started to explore the world,

They are also looking up at the stars, they are like Vikings but, They won't evolve towards the point of space travel into the future because, They know what happened to the planet when humans started to use fossil fuels.

The only humans left are Weegee Human hybrids (or Fakekos because they are petty much a recoloring of Yoko Littner) And they live off the wild.
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Hyrule in this year


  • Due to earth being in a new Ice Age, dinosaurs ruled again.
  • Yoko Littner and Yoshi cupcrake gets crowned as tribal king and queen.
  • Yoshi cupcrake sees a planet about to crash into Eluryh from Earth.


  • No one really knows what started the Ice Age or how but one thing Wumbologists at the time do know, is that it started around 120,700.
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