2009 AD
Youtube Poop- The King Gets a Car

Youtube Poop- The King Gets a Car

The King drives drunk and gets arrested.
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Jewish Calendar 5770 CE
Hylian Calendar 489 HR
Koopa Calendar 1029 KP
Mushroom Calendar 24 MB
Weegee Calendar 2898 WG
2009 is the last year of the 2000s and the third year of the Noob Era.



  • March 9—Ronald McDonald teams up with Sideshow Bob in an attempt to destroy Hyrule, only to be defeated once again by Link and his allies.
  • March 13—The Burger King breaks out of prison and starts wreaking havoc throughout Hyrule.
  • March 14—King Harkinian, Link, and others chase the Burger King to a remote island, where various stuff happens. The King collects lotsa treasure in the process, while a disguised Ronald McDonald switches places with BK and finds a powerful amulet...
  • March 15—The King uses some of the treasure he just found to buy a Toyota Hybrid. Meanwhile, Ganon kidnaps Impa and convinces her to become his minion.
  • March 16—After taking Link with him on a drunken car chase, the King and his boi get arrested by Mayor Kravindish and his new Toyota is impounded.
  • April 15—A month after Impa's disappearance, Zelda begins to wonder where she is. The King couldn't care less, so Zelda orders Link to go and search for her.
  • May 16—After a month of not searching for Impa, Link learns her whereabouts from Gwonam, who advises him to bomb Ganon's face with birds.
  • May 17—In the morning, Link and Gwonam set out to capture birds for use in Link's coming battle with Ganon.
  • June 17—After seizing enough birds to bomb Ganon's face, Link and Gwonam return to Hyrule, where the King orders them to go to Gamelon and fight Ganon.
  • July 17—After goofing off for a month, Link defeats and imprisons Ganon, burning the Book of Koridai afterward in an attempt to make it stick this time. He then returns to Hyrule for a picnic with the King and Zelda; at this point, all three have completely forgotten about saving Impa.
  • July 28—King Harkinian slapped his mother Clythia during a picnic, killing her.
  • August 17—Now allied with Ganon, Impa attacks Hyrule Castle and pits Zelda against her father by revealing the King's gay affair with Gwonam. Gwonam subsequently spirits the King away to safety in Gamelon while Ganon and Zelda seize control of the Hylian government.
  • September 21—Five weeks into the Zelda—Ganon regime, Link tracks the King and Gwonam down in Gamelon, and the three head back to Gomalan to restore the King to the throne. Zelda soon joins them as well, but Ganon captures the King and confiscates his Triforce of Courage. Zelda then convinces Fat Mario, Gay Luigi, Dr. Robotnik, and Dr. Rabbit to aid her by offering them all a spaghetti feast, and with Link, they defeat Ganon and save the King.
  • September 22—After suffering food poisoning from Zelda's spaghetti, a disgruntled Robotnik hatches a plan to hold her hostage in exchange for the King's dinner. First, while Zelda is captured, he distracts Link by taking him (along with Dr. Rabbit and Mama Luigi) on a trip to Soapland.
  • September 23—With Zelda as his prisoner, Robotnik contacts King Harkinian and demands his dinner in exchange for her release. The King refuses, of course, and Robotnik bombs Hyrule Castle out of frustration.
  • September 24—After Fari rescues her from Robotnik, Zelda decides to make their relationship public. This turns out to be a mistake, as the King disapproves and banishes Fari from Hyrule Castle.
  • October—Fari gets his revenge on the King by seizing his entire dinner supply. In response, the King sends Link on a fishing trip to replace the lost food.
  • November—After a month of failing to catch any fish, Link gives up and goes to buy some fishcakes at Morshu Mart instead. Link then delivers the food to Hyrule Castle, Zelda asks him for a kiss for once, and all is well.
  • Late November—A flock of evil birds attacks Hyrule, and the King, Zelda, Link, Morshu, etc. all fight to destroy them. At the same time, Mayor Kravindish and Fari launch an uprising against the King, but everyone except Fari ultimately puts their differences aside to celebrate the birds' defeat. Thus, Fari is imprisoned, and the King appoints Duke Onkled as his new chief of security.

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