2018 AD
Mama Luigi's last stand.
Vital statistics
Previous Year With Article 2017
Next Year With Article 2019
Jewish Calendar 5779 CE
Hylian Calendar 498 HR
Koopa Calendar 1038 KP
Mushroom Calendar 33 MB
Weegee Calendar 2907 WG
2018 is a year between 2017 and 2019.


  • Logan Paul make fun of a hunged corpse in a Japanese scuicidal forest, embarrassing all Japanese people, including Link's Japanese cousin.
  • On Plit, form leader Falle fails to defeat the forces of Bowser.
  • The Form Wars end with a failed form assault on Eluryh, in which Mama Luigi and Stone Luigi, the highest-ranking form generals, are both killed, and Gay Luigi surrenders. Also, Mario kills Dr. Mario and Gay Luigi kills the Baker.
  • World War III begins when Russia–led by the meme-hating Vladimir Putin–and a coalition of like-minded nations go to war to stop other countries on Earth from providing sanctuary for fugitive forms.
  • Gay Luigi and most other surviving forms are exiled to the world of Truceland, where Illegal Mario crowns Brooklyn Mario as the king of the forms.
  • King Harkinian, killed by Fari, is brought back to life in the form of a cyborg.
  • Patrick Star impeaches himself and Rand Paul is elected president.
  • During the early stages of World War III, The European Union created the Article 11 and 13 to make sure that machine bots will filter copyrighted stuff on social media, which is a HUGE disaster.
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