2027 AD
YTP Mario's Head ate a Blu-Ray disc

YTP Mario's Head ate a Blu-Ray disc

One of the year's most significant events
Vital statistics
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Jewish Calendar 5787 CE
Hylian Calendar 507 HY
Koopa Calendar  ???
Mushroom Calendar 42 MB
Weegee Calendar  ???

2027 is the year in between 2026 and 2028.


  • Leopold Slikk, Doc Brown, Billy Mays and others escape the Hyrule Cryogenics Center thanks to a fire destroying the cooling and freezer systems.
  • PewDiePie makes his first YouTube Poop.
  • YouTube Poopers are on the rise.
  • Happycat blows up The Moon.
  • Sunky finds the recipe to Volvic Revive, although soon loses it after getting distracted by dancing mushrooms.
  • Fat Mario is resurrected and fused with Shrek. Unfortunately, Fat Mario doesn't remember any events involving the Temple of Poop.
  • An asteroid shower of moon rocks pummels Earth due to the moon exploding.
  • Solid Snake is captured by the Y.P.U., but he escapes and destroys the Y.P.U. because they don't have what it takes to kill him.
  • Mario Head eats a Blu-Ray Disc. This quickly gains publicity.
  • Mario Head divides by zero and rewinds time to before the moon exploded.
  • While reviewing the Wii, a somewhat-elderly AVGN suffers a heart attack and dies.
  • Happycat moves to Hyrule.
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