2110 AD
Ludwig rebuilding Secret Weapon Luigi
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Jewish Calendar 5871 CE
Hylian Calendar 590 HY
Koopa Calendar 1130 KP
Mushroom Calendar 124 MB
Weegee Calendar 2999 WG

2110 is a year in the future.


  • Ludwig von Koopa discovers the remains of Secret Weapon Luigi (Who was killed during the Poopocalypse) during the Excavation Day, and starts a five-year effort to rebuild him.
  • Cosmo the Seedrian was finally reborned into a 18-years old and became a hooker.
    • She also opened a new Strip Club faraway from Hyrule, which didn't last so long, as Robot Fari arrests all of hookers and decapitaded, including Cosmo, but luckily, she managed to escape, now she lives into someone's basement.
  • Timmy Turner dies because his father brutally abused from him and committed suicide the next day. Because of this, Cosmo and Wanda fire themselfs and hired by Jorgen to make a random kid named Link Link happy.
  • Ganon Jr. tries to destroy the moon by using a Destroy-Moon machine, but ended up destroying Pluto instead, because someone modified it.
  • Hankborg was revived into Robo-Hankinator Mk.II, but he was tested it before using it in 2188.
  • Ib was trapped into the painting for 400 years, where she haunts everyone in a abandoned museum.
  • Rapping becomes more popular because it is now illegal to rap if you're bad at it.
  • Arthur Read commits suicide by falling into the ocean, because everyone dosen't care about him anymore.
Namowg in Gwonam's X-wing
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