2365 is a year between 2355 and 2414


The Qu in all of there glory


  • A Super race of aliens called the Qu vist Earth. They Are as Powerfull as Gods, they start to use DNA of, Human/Weegee DNA to start creating new Creatures, They set war with Dr. Robotnik for Earth. it`s a war of both Bio weapones and robots. This leads to World world destruction that that leads to the Qu`s to Set a Base on earth, They won`t enslave humens, as they see us as under evoled creatures. The Hybirds of the Qu would rule the post apocalyptic World untill the end of the 3rd Millennium.
  • Yoko Littner is trying to find a way to Stop the Qu`s (who likely a hair smaple of her)
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