A new world

3060 is a year ten years after 3050. Many major changes happened on Earth during this time.


  • Yushee becomes world Leader like Hitler was but dies soon form Ebola
  • Yoshi cupcrake becomes the top predators on Earth. They wipe out all other Yoshi races on Earth, the blue Yoshies being hit hardest, which results in the Earthen Yoshies and the Blue Yoshies going to New Earth.
  • Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park escape the island.
  • Some Dinosaurs form Dinosaur walk away form Dinosaur world.

Things that happened That would happened shortly after The Events

  • Dinosaurs reclaim planet Earth and well evolve millions of years on it. Likely ready for anything the earth well get like new ice age`s
  • Yoshi Cupcrake`s took over the wrold and rule it for the next millions of years of And Yoko and a few other human live on Earth. Only Yoko would out live them all, which results in the few other humans going to New Earth.
  • Yoshi Cupcrake kind Evolve Bigger then Barins then Other Yoshis And, the other Yoshikins Die out over time.


  • Yoko Littner is one of the few humans left to this time. Other fakeko`s (Weegee/Human hybirds) Are also around
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