4765 is a year in the future.


  • Wendy O. Koopa discovers someone's basement, in which mets Cosmo (Who remains identical to her 18-years old appearance) who stays this place for 2000 years because she still believed that Robot Fari is still looking for her, Wendy helps her by rediscovering the outside.
  • KOS-MOS was builted by Kevin of Vector Industries along with Yakuza Harkinian (King Harkinian's descedant) of Harkinian Coporation Group. She was later fixed by Shion after she killed everyone (Excluding Yakuza).
  • Bender gets killed from a Fire Factory.
  • Mayor Kravindish's descendant tries to unfrozen Bowser to illegalizing everything from around the world, but was stabbed by KOS-MOS from behind.
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