Environment POST APOCALYPSE by I NetGraFX

Hyrule in 7891.

7891 is a year in the future when Knil was created.

Life in 7891

In 7891, Hyrule is an apocalyptic wasteland. Most of Hyrule's cities have been destroyed by the nuclear war, and Picnic Floda, the mad scientist's company, is the governing body in many waste-cities. Meanwhile, the Yoshies and the Koopas are fighting over control of the Good Egg Galaxy.


  • Knil is born.
  • Ganon, Jr. takes over Koridon and dies in the final stages of the nuclear war
  • The Gay Wars end when Oiram wins the war by killing Gay Hitler, thus taking over the place that was once Hyrule (and Gayland).
  • The Koopas take over control of the Good Egg Galaxy.
  • Garfield joins Picnic Floda.
  • War strikes again when Leopold Slikk and his minions go and fight against Picnic Floda.
  • Yoshi cupcrakes learn how to use tools and devise an intelligible language.
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