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8009 is a year into the Faraway the future

Life in 8009

In 8009, Earth is now ruled by Lizards, Snakes and other kinds of Reptilies, but Dinosaurus are all gone, other then Birds, Yoshi cupcrakes and a the ones who won`t so big (large dog sized dinosaurus was the maxium) Yoshi cupcrakes have evoled into the place of humans. Even haveing intelligens like early man. The world has come into a global warming were it`s unoramly hot for Reptilies to be more like mammals.

Some mammal like reptilies can also be found in this world too.

Most birds live on the gournd in this world. The skys are ruled by troodons and flying lizards.


  • Yoko Littner and Yoshi cupcrake return to Earth after being in space since 7891.
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