You can actually buy processed AIDS, but why would you?

Acquired Immunodifeciency Syndrome is a disease caused by exchange of HIV fluids. It is commonly used in YouTube Poops and is considered the Adolf Hitler of diseases.


Weegee was trying new ideas for bioterrorism, so he fused his virus with herpes, diabetes, and hemophilia to make AIDS. It was invented in 1926 but wasn't recognized until 1983. Gwonam later discovered a way to remove AIDS from people, but this resulted in the creation of forms like Iarkhainn. Finally, in 2308, Eegeew invented a cure for it.

Use in YouTube Poop

  • Gnorris says I.M. Meen has AIDS.
  • Ganon feeds the king AIDS.
  • There is a Triforce of AIDS.
  • It is a pooping method using effects to distort it.
  • The king wants to cure AIDS in Africa.

People Who Have AIDS


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