Fail Scene for I. M

Fail Scene for I. M. Meen

You failed.

A hundred years (or a century) is a group of years that equals a hundred. It seems that the differences between the beginnings and endings of centuries and getting more and more different:
In 1000, most Europeans were illiterate and sick. By 1099, people were barely smarter.
In 1500, Spain was still exploring the Carribean and the UK was small. By 1599, the UK had dominated many lands in North America.
In 1800, most of the USA was still agricultural and slow to know of chemistry and biology. By 1899, many diseases were being cured, electricity was getting common, and many people were industrial.
In 1900, it was similar to 1899. By 1999, many people were using computers and the internet and could talk to people in Antarctica and the freaking moon (but the moon that wasn't freaking).

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