Hitler wants to see Fegelein.

Adolf Hitler (born 1889) is the most evil man on Earth. He was basically the Osama bin Laden of his time. He is also the inventor of Mountain Dew.



Hitler was born in a small town in Austria on April 20, 1889. Later, he moved to Germany and became a German. He served as a soldier in World War I, during which he found Weegee's lost plans for genocide. He would later use strategies and techniques found in the plans to commit the Holocaust. He took over the Germany in the 1930s, started World War II when he started taking over the rest of Europe, and tried to kill anyone who isn't Aryan, especially Jews. Near the end of the war in 1945, he realized he was going to lose and faked his suicide. He escaped from Germany with help from Impa and now lives in hiding somewhere, usually ranting about stupid stuff to his minions.


Hitler is extremely racist and angry. He freaks out over things ranging from losing World War II to being banned from Xbox Live. He believes Germans to be the master race and that he should kill anyone who isn't such. This has caused several problems.



It's been one of those days...

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