Allen Harkinian (2046–2101) is Robby Harkinian's son, Norman Harkinian's father, and one of King Harkinian's grandchildren. He is abnormally thin for a male Harkinian, but is closer to King Harkinian in personality than his father. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is anyone's guess. He has severe addictions to drugs and gambling and is rumored to be a collector of rare YouTube Poops.


Allen Harkinian was born on March 8, 2046 to Robby Harkinian and an unknown mother. He never liked his father, but he admired his grandfather, who at that time was constantly being revived and promptly re-killed by the Weegpa assassins. Allen also had an interest in computers, and in 2066, he managed to bring King Harkinian back to life in a much more durable digital form. He subsequently founded the Scientific Antics and Valuable Experimentation (SAVE) corporation, which worked on many projects for the Hylian government. At the same time, he secretly and illegally sold a number of advanced weapons to enemies of Hyrule. He assisted the revived Harkinian in his attempt to take over Hyrule in 2100, but the attempted coup failed, leading to Allen's arrest and execution.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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