He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard!

James Rolfe, better known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, is a foul-mouthed guy who plays bad video games for your amusement. Many people, like the Irate Gamer and Morshu, have made rip-offs of his idea, but everyone hates them for it. Like everyone else, he hates the CD-i and its games.


  • He once beat up Bugs Bunny. When Bugs returned to get revenge, both of them ended up in the pit.
  • His videos originated on a website that isn't YouTube, but nobody seems to care.
  • Wumbologists believe that if he and the Tourettes Guy ever met, it would destroy the world. Let us hope this never comes to pass.
  • He usually clones himself when he wants to play a multiplayer game.
  • He likes punching spiders and slapping snakes.


YTP AVGN plays nuun on the f

YTP AVGN plays nuun on the f

I mean, fuff!

  • "What were they thinking?!"
  • "Bart's my ass and Krusty's my balls. F--ck this game, now I'm gonna eat my own shorts."
  • "I think you better shut your ass!"
  • "This game is s--tting me."
  • "Robert Louis Stevenson, you ruined my life!"
  • "A giant Saddam Hussein?!"
  • "Ah, safety pin! That'll be perfect!"
  • "If I go in there and I get served hamburgers, that would be the tits."
  • "Oh s--t, it's a menorah shooting Q-tips! Get out of the way!"
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