YTP ~ Zelda's Answering Machine 2

YTP ~ Zelda's Answering Machine 2

Zelda has an answering machine.

"You've reached me. Why'd you do that? Ha! I'm kidding. Leave me a message, and I'll talk to you later. Thanks!"

                                  - Zelda's message

An answering machine is something that records calls if you don't pick the phone up before they hang up. Zelda is famous for owning one called a PhoneTime XL800.


  • "Ganon is under attack by the evil forces of Duke Onkled. I'm going to take the Triforce of Courage to protect me. If you don't hear from me in a month, send dinner."
  • "Hey, Zelda! It sure is boring around here. How about a kiss, for luck?"
  • "Where is the map? Is the map here? Here is the map! Your majesty, do you wish to go to the island of Koridai!"
  • "Hey, princess! Here's the problem, too many toasters! You know what they say, all toasters toast toast. Uh oh! (explosion)"
  • "Chacarron Macarron."
  • "Remember, where there's smoke, they pinch back."
  • "Your highness, you know this is illegal. Oh, the indignity. Please, could you kindly bind me?"
  • "Sorry, Zelda. Not enough rupees. Of course I'm on your side, but I still have to sell the stuff. You're going to have to wipe a few more gorreas to get the rupees."
  • "Imma firin' my lazer!"
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