King Harkinian Discovers his Heritage

King Harkinian Discovers his Heritage

Armenia is a former Soviet country in western Asia. Many of its people have surnames ending with the suffix "-ian," making a connection to the Harkinian family possible. It tends to have poor relations with Turkey, due to Turkish/Ottoman involvement in a World War I-era genocide.

Relevance to the King

After learning about the "-ian" thing, King Harkinian embraced Armenian culture and decided to pass laws promoting it in Hyrule. For example, he banned the use of Hyrulese and declared Armenian to be the kingdom’s new official language. Such efforts have failed miserably, with exactly 0.000% of the Hylian population speaking Armenian as of 2014. The King himself has pretty much lost interest anyway, and the only time he ever enforced any of these laws was when he had Gwonam arrested for denying the Armenian genocide.

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