Bagels are also called whole-wheat doughnuts.

Bagels are foods liked by Mama Luigi. They are 70% uctions, 20% illegal, and 10% wheat. They are eaten for breakfast. They're good with cream cheese.


The word bagel claims to have come from the word ragool, Koridaian for "delicious," according to modern Wumbologists. They were invented by the Jewish in Poland. They were so popular that even anti-semitic Nazis, like Mama Luigi, enjoyed them. They are now the third holy food of YouTube Poop, next to spaghetti and generic dinner.


  • Bagels are very powerful weapons when they are hard.
  • They look similar to doughnuts.
  • The early Yoshi gets the bagel.
  • J.D. shmeared it on a bagel.
  • Bagels were invented by the Jewish.
  • They are Mama Luigi's favorite food.

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