"The 1% took my comb and upper lip"

Bernie Sanders (born 1941) is an old person who ran for president in the United States in 2015-2016. During high school, he failed economics because he was too busy reading the Communist Manifeso.


Since the start of his campaign, he has gotten a lot of popularity by saying ridiculous things and spewing socialist nonsense like a maniac. He will allegedly make the "99%" richer by making it harder for them to get jobs.

He gained popularity by being spread among annoying 12 year olds on Reddit. To many Socialists Americans, his policies seem amazing.

Bernie Sanders is anti-immigration and wants to protect the border against Mexicans, and blames Mexicans for making Americans poorer, but it's not racist if he believes in controlled immigration because he's not a republican. Bernie Sanders is probably a facist.


  • He has like two talking points, and keeps repeating them all the time like a broken record.
  • He's very ugly and old.
  • He doesn't like that people have money.
  • His accent is absurd and deserves ridicule.
  • He's a facist.
  • He is the son of Colonel Sanders and the father of Woody Sanders.
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