Best Hercules
Best Hercules
He looks pretty good and cool and likes to tell the viewer.
Vital statistics
Occupation Guardian of Bizzaro Link
Name Best Hercules
Age Over 9,000 years.
Appearances THE BEST HERCULES MOVIE EVER, The Frollo Show, Some YouTube Poop, Legend of Herkules
Friends Bizzaro Link, The Sorceress, His gay friend, others.
Enemies Link, James Bond, Gaston, Claude Frollo, Ihsoy
Hometown United States of America, Greece
Relatives Gaston (possible descendant)
Favorite Things Himself, the morning, breaking the Fourth Wall
Embodied Personalities None known.

Best Hercules is the star of the infamous Hercules movie and one of the villains of The Frollo Show and a character in YouTube Poops.


Best Hercules is seen as a bumbling fool, and despite always having little chances of succeeding, he believes he's very capable. He also celebrates for no apparent reason.

Abilities and Weapons

Best Hercules' physical strength is extremely misleading for being a "Hercules". He's actually incredibly weak, not being able to do any real damage to his enemies. He even has a hard time standing up and may even fall while celebrating. Moreover, he has a tendency to make the preparations of an attack excessively long, giving any opponent an evident way to avoid his attacks. In terms of his stamina, Best Hercules has little of it, as a single punch or a weak energy ball is enough to knock him out.

For weaponry, Best Hercules carries a sword. Unfortunately, his sword bends even on soft objects such as human flesh. He also has a bow and arrow, but that also fails. When the bow is fired, the arrow travels very slow in an arc, which doesn't usually hit the desired target due to Best Hercules' terrible aim.

With the help of the Irate Gamer's Sword of Inferno (a parody of He-Man's Sword of Power), Best Hercules gains strength and is able to knock down opponents. Given this power, a glow can be seen around his body while under these effects. Sadly, they don't last that long.


Best Hercules 2

Best Hercules' usual celebration

Best Hercules appears to be a very brawny or muscular man, with long and messy brown hair. His clothing consists of a brass headband, brass armbands, an orange skirt, sandals, and sometimes a long cape possibly made of lion fur.

Early Life

Best Hercules was born around 69,987 BC by his parents and he was raised to be good and was then sent to Earth to avoid Best Hera.


  • There are rumors that he may be the ancestor of Gaston.
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