Best Hercules's Gay Friend
The friend of Best Hercules
He looks pretty good and cool and likes to ride his chariot.
Vital statistics
Occupation Guardian of Bizzaro Link, companion of Best Hercules
Name Best Hercules's Gay Friend
Age Over 9,000 years.
Appearances THE BEST HERCULES MOVIE EVER, The Frollo Show, Some YouTube Poop, Legend of Herkules
Friends Bizzaro Link, The Sorceress, others.
Enemies Link, James Bond, Gaston, Claude Frollo, Ihsoy
Hometown United States of America, Greece
Relatives Unknown.
Favorite Things Himself, the morning
Embodied Personalities None.

Best Hercules's Gay Friend is the companion of Best Hercules of the infamous Hercules movie and a assist character in Super Smash Bros. Lawl and a character in YouTube Poops.


Best Hercules's Gay Friend is also is seen as a bumbling fool, and despite always having little chances of succeeding, he believes he's very capable.


Best Hercules's Gay Friend was born around 69,987 BC and he was raised to be good and years later, he then met Best Hercules after he was sent to Earth to avoid Best Hera. In 2006, he joined the night club at Saintly mansion. During the Form Wars, he joined the rebel pures against the forms, other pures and Gaston and Frollo. After the war ended in 2018, his son was born. In 2355, he went to New Earth to avoid Dr. Robotnik's dictatorship. From 4430 to 4450, he fought in the Gay Wars and nuclear war alongside Best Hercules and Duke Onkled, and when Gay Hitler emerged victorious, in 4450, he escaped Hyrule along with Duke Onkled and Best Hercules along with Hylian elves and humans, thus ending Hyrule. After the nuclear war ended in 7891, he became a good friend to Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.


  • He likes beautiful women.
  • He likes Yoshkins.
  • He seems to like Royal Dinner.
  • He is kind to heroes.
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