Kibini Tobbom

Go back, pervert.

Bikini Bottom is the oldest city under the sea. Its population includes SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles, Patrick Star, and Mr. Krabs. There are only a few hundred people living there, and the people are either not forgiving enough or too forgiving.


Bikini Bottom existed as Bikini Bottomshire as far back as Medieval Times, but was completely destroyed and abandoned at some point. The modern city was founded as Bikini Gulch in 1848, later becoming an old west style kinda town. After that, the city was destroyed by Princess Peach's grandmother, screwing up everything and making it an intellectual and cultural wasteland. Everyone became stupid, basically. However, it still runs nice despite this. It suffered serious damage during the Form Wars; Link carried out a massacre of its forms in 2014, and Harkamiicho destroyed much of the city in 2017. About two thousand years later, Oiram demolished the city and rebuilt it as a chrome utopia full of clones.


It can be found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Dinosaur World and near the equator by Guam. It seems to be located near a space portal, which would explain how it can be close to places on both Earth and Plit.


  • The average I.Q. of the citizens there is 7.

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