Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is an ancient being who knows nearly everything. He was born one singular day after God, and watched existence grow. He founded the Illuminati. He is considered a god, and is near omnipotent. He has almost every power in existence, and taught Weegee in the ways of evil. There are only a few stronger than him such as Chuck Norris.


  • Uncountable


  • If he gets the Weegee Virus, he will explode


  • Uncountable


  • He has 4th wall awareness, meaning he knows he's fictional
  • He was a key player in Fari killing King Harkinian
  • He was directly responsible for most events in YouTube Poop Lore, and indirectly responsible for some other ones.
  • He knows you're reading this article
  • He is the 2nd oldest being in existence, next to God.
  • He is more evil than any other character ever
  • He always thinks and types in ALL CAPS
  • He is the illuminati's brother.
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