Round 4... fight!

Bill Clinton (1946–2028) is the 42nd president of the United States of America. He created welfare, which Peter Griffin abused in 1999. His vice president was Al Gore and his wife is Hillary Clinton.


Bill Clinton was born in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. He grew up a spoiled brat and he quickly became addicted to porn. In his adulthood, he wanted one thing - to get a succ. Unfortunately, he ended up marrying Hillary Clinton.

History with the King


Billy Clinty.

Main article: 1996 election

In 1996, King Harkinian ran for president. He won, but due to his incompetence, he was overthrown by Bill Clinton.

Getting a Succ

During his presidency, Bill Clinton managed to convince a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky to give him a succ. King Harkinian soon found out about this and told everyone which started the Lewinsky scandal.

Mah Boi Online

Mah Boi Online

In 2012, King Harkinian launched Mah Boi Online. Bill Clinton decided to join with the username Get Succ Lord in order to troll people so they won't go on the King's game anymore but when it was revealed that no one could have MBO, Bill Clinton ended up becoming the hero of the game. He also got a lot of succ in the process. After two years, Bill Clinton faced King Harkinian and won. Angered, King Harkinian shut down Mah Boi Online.


In 2028, Bill's wife suffered mortal injuries during a battle with Weegee over the Democratic nomination for that year's election. Without the elderly Bill's consent, she succed the remaining life force out of him, resulting in her survival and his instant death.


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