The science guy.

Bill Nye is a world-renowned Wumbology expert and tells kids lotsa stuff about science. After 2000, he moved back to the Tunnel of Doom.


Early History

Billy Nye was raised by Christian Fundamentalists, and such, he was an idiot growing up. When he was a teenager, he turned to science. Angry about his retarded childhood, he vowed to teach science to all children. He eventually created his show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, which took the world by storm, due to the fact he used Drugs in his experiments.

The Bill Nye War

Eventually, Bill Clinton stepped in because he didn't like the show. However, King Harkinian pushed to keep the show on because he hates Bill Clinton. This caused the Bill Nye War, which lasted from 1997-1998.

The war ended with Bill Clinton in victory and Bill Nye the Science Guy being cancelled.



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