Harkinian 1989

Bizarro King.

Bizarro King is a form of King Harkinian that looks much older than the normal king, but is in fact much younger. He wears a red robe with a blue undershirt and has white hair, and has some sort of star or something on his crown. He was voiced by Colin Fox, like the normal king, and even says "my boy" like the normal king, but has more of a personality outside the YouTube Poop world. He also has a crippling addiction to crack cocain.

Rivalry with the King


Bizarro King held captive.

King Harkinian kidnapped him and tried to kill him for his appropriation of "mah boi," but Bizarro Link defeated Harkinian and saved him. He later joined Bizarro Link and Bizarro Zelda in taking Harkinian and their other CD-i counterparts hostage, but Weegee showed up and slaughtered the Bizarros. Left somewhat more intact than Weegee's other victims, his corpse was buried in the fields behind Hyrule Castle, where it would later be temporarily reanimated by the influence of Majora's Mask.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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