Bizarro Zelda
Bizarro Zelda.
Vital statistics
Occupation Warrior
Name Bizarro Zelda
Age 27
Appearances Legend of Zelda
Friends Bizzaro Link, Bizarro King, Bizzaro Impa
Enemies King Harkinian, Zelda, Bizarro Ganon
Hometown United States of America
Relatives Dic (creator)
Favorite Things Saying "Nice job, hero!"
Embodied Personalities None known.

Bizzaro Zelda is a form of Zelda that appeared in the Legend of Zelda TV Show. She is a major enemy of Zelda and the King and Link gang.


"Shut up!!"

Bizarro Zelda's quote in The Link and King Show, episode 5

Bizzaro Link and Bizzaro Zelda 4

How about a kiss?

Like other bizarros, Bizarro Zelda was formed when Dic cloned normal Zelda and created a new form. She won some fame in the Legend of Zelda television show. However, in 1989, her fame ended. She actually was somewhat OK with this and Valiant Comics adapted the Legend of Zelda television show into a comic series (and introducing Bizarro Impa) in 1990, but it was canceled in 1991 after a short run. She was OK with this as well, until CD-i Zelda got more popular than her in the mid-2000's. Later, she was introduced by Bizarro Link to the gang, and used bad YouTube videos to try and kill them. However, Weegee killed her and she was sent to the pit.



Stop looking at yourself.

She looks like normal Zelda, but with lighter blonde hair and thin eyebrows. She also wears a purple undershirt and a lighter blue vest.


Bizarro Zelda seems to be more authoritative and serious than Bizzaro Link and CD-i Zelda, and seems to be evil. She also has mood swings between shy, angry, scared, and aggressive.


  • She is the only Zelda form who is right-handed.
  • She often dances and sings to "Take on Me".
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