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Blue Yoshi AIDS is a form of AIDS and the Blue Yoshi Virus that existed in ancient times. It is extremely deadly and is directly related to the Weegee virus. It went out of existence on 515 AD, after people realized that it is what created Blue Yoshies and people found a way to eradicate it for good.


  • In Yoshies, it painfully transforms them into Blue Yoshies. These Blue Yoshies do not spread Blue Yoshi AIDS, but they do spread the Blue Yoshi Virus.
  • In Mushrooms, it transforms them into Toads.
  • In Toads/Toadettes, it painfully transforms them into Blue Toad(ette)s.
  • In Koopas, it causes all of the symptoms of the Blue Yoshi Virus with the exception of becoming a Blue Yoshi. However, infected Koopas turn blue.
  • In Elves, it causes all of the symptoms of eating a Nasty Patty. Out of all species, elves are the most contagious when infected.
  • In Humans, it turns them into Nazi Zombies.
  • In Weegees and Fakegees, it causes spontaneous combustion.
  • In LOLcats, it causes "the dumb", which is LOLspesk for a massive decrease in brain size and IQ.
  • In catgirls, it causes the effects of eating a Tide Pod.
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