Noritake Boshidon Kilimario is the cool, vain, and self-centered older cousin of Yoshi, sent to wreak havoc on Hyrule, annoy Simon Templar, and embarrass other Blue Yoshies. He eats many beans, causing him to have gas often, and has a serious addiction to crack cocain. He appears in Super Mario RPG and Super Wario World.


Boshi was born to Yoshi's uncle around 1970. He took up racing and acting at an early age, and in 1978 he was cast in the TV series The Retarded Yoshi Show. He got rich off of the show, and he used his money and family connections to become a politician on Yoshi Island. Like most actors in The Retarded Yoshi Show, he also began consuming significant quantities of crack cocain around this time. However, Mario and Yoshi defeated him in a race and revealed evidence of many of his crimes, drug-related and otherwise, in 1985, leading to his defeat in the next Yoshi Island elections.

The rest of the 80's went poorly for Boshi as well; he inadvertently had Green Boshi killed in a dispute with his enemy Blue Yoshi in 1987, causing Morshu to fire him from The Retarded Yoshi Show. His cocain addiction got even worse around this time, and he accidentally restored the Communazis on one occasion when he got especially stoned. This technically made Boshi a leader of a terrorist organization, causing him to be banned from Yoshi Island. Stranded in Hyrule, Boshi eventually decided to enter the Hylian Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center, but upon being refused service there due to the fact that cocain is not alcoholic, he got angry and burned the building down.


Super Wario World

Super Wario World.


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