King Bowser Koopa
Bowser in Hotel Mario.
Vital statistics
Occupation King, athlete, racer
Name King Bowser Koopa
Age 75 years.
Appearances Most Mario games
Friends Wart, Dr. Robotnik
Enemies Mario, Princess Toadstool, Ganon
Hometown Koopa Kingdom
Relatives Morton Koopa, Sr. (father), the Koopalings (six sons and one daughter), Bowser, Jr. (son)
Favorite Things Cake
Embodied Personalities None known.

Bowser Koopa (born 1939) is a 75-year-old Koopa who is an enemy of Mario, a ruler of the Koopa Kingdom, and the father of the Koopalings and Bowser, Jr..


Bowser Koopa was born to Morton Koopa, Sr. on November 27, 1939. When he was less than a year old, he stole a tree from Yoshi Island, causing some Yoshies to attack him and take it back. As a child, he always wanted to become a photographer, like Weegee. However, he was engaged to Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom in an effort to end hostilities between the two kingdoms, and then he became the heir to the Koopa throne when Toadstool broke the agreement by murdering all of Bowser's older siblings and trying to kill Bowser himself at their wedding.

Very soon after that, Bowser retaliated against the Mushroom Kingdom by kidnapping Princess Toadstool, which resulted in his first encounter with Mario. Bowser later had to become king when his father passed away in 1982, and in 1985, he officially began the Mushroom War by launching a 28-year-long series of attacks on the Mushroom Kingdom. In 2040, he was frozen in ice while fighting the forces of Evil Link on the Southern Continent of Eluryh. After that, everyone thought he was dead until he was found and revived 9,548 years later.


He has very strong laugh which he often uses to kill people. However, it only works if you hear it, so Fat Mario and Gay Luigi haven't died. Also, as you will see below, some people are unaffected by his laugh

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He ate one too many octoroks...


  • He is a father of eight.
  • He likes cakes.
  • There are rumors he used to crossdress.
  • He is 75, but is still young by Koopa standards.
  • His heir is Ludwig von Koopa.
  • He is one of the greatest monarchs in the universe, rivaled only by King Harkinian and Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Gwonam and Morshu are not affected by his laugh.
  • Mario has accused him of being gay. He's not.
  • He once watched some of the Andy Griffith show and now he can't get the SONG OUT OF HIS HEAD!
  • He appears to have a secret weapon.
  • He has a bunch of imitators who worked for Dic, the most well-known being King Koopa.


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