The king receives a giant egg for breakfast.


Youtube poop Impa Illegal Cereal = The Apocalypse!

Impa shouldn't eat Frosted Flakes (illegal cereal)

Breakfast is a light meal eaten between 5 am and 10 am. It is the first meal of the day. When combined with lunch, it becomes brunch.

The King Harkinian Issue

In 2008, the King argued with George Volcano over the power of breakfast / dinner. Believe it or not, George won and the king has been eating cereal for 2 months, however, sometimes he feeds illegal cereal, too, but in 2011, Gaston argued with Harkinian over the power of four dozen eggs/dinner. Believe it or not, Harkinian won and Gaston was sent away and banned from coming to Hyrule.

Years ago in in 2003, Mama Luigi began to stress the importance of breakfast, and ate a bunch of bagels, pancakes, toast, and eggs. King Harkinian responded by creating a trade system with Dinosaur World and the Koopa Kingdom. However, the Mushroom Kingdom interfered, and King Harkinian launched a war against the Mushroomers called the Breakfast War.

Things to Eat for Breakfast


Doctor Robotnik's Breakfast Fiasco

Isn't that nice?