A Hylian fleet approaches Dinosaur World.

The Breakfast War (2003–2007) was a war between Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom. It was simply a trade war, but a war nonetheless.



Bowser's Sourpuss Bread

This is what they fought over?

One day in 1999, Mama Luigi decided to go around promoting breakfast foods like bagels, pancakes, eggs, and toast. One day, he promoted it to King Harkinian. The king was thrilled and began to promote breakfast all over Hyrule, and he even made ham the state food of Koridai. Soon, the King began to make a trade route between Dinosaur World and Hyrule, exchanging much of Hyrule's lunch (which most Hylians didn't want) for Dinosaur World's breakfast. But soon, the Mushroom Kingdom, began to interfere, hijacking and raiding trade ships and stealing the breakfast and lunch. King Harkinian got angry about this, and began to send attack ships to attack the Mushroom Kingdom's ships. Soon they began an all-out war.

The War

The first battle was rough. Harkinian's ships attacked a Mushroom ship. However, the ship was filled with bombs, and the ship exploded, the fragments crashing into the Hylian ships. Everyone who participated in the battle died. The next few battles involved the Mushroomers making lots of decoy breakfasts, which the Hylians retrieved, only to end up getting killed. By the middle of the war, it seemed like the Mushroom people were going to win. But then, Weegee and his people intervened out of pity, plus the fact that they didn't want the Mushroomers to have the breakfast, and destroyed many Mushroom ships. For the first time in history, Weegee was allied with mortals. The Hylians soon won the war with the Weegees' help, and then the Weegees left, breaking any bonds with the Hylians.


Population growth began to plummet in the postwar Mushroom Kingdom. The Hylians decided to compensate by giving them more crops and fertilizer, which was dumb for the mushroomers not to think of, considering even Oogtar managed to figure it out. Soon the Mushroom Kingdom began to grow, but this unnerved the Koopa Kingdom, so in 2014 their government asked the Hylian government to stop. After the Form Wars, trade exports lowered, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom decided to cooperate and trade. Hyrule also did well, food prices dropped, and population growth rose.

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