Are there any smart idiots?

Brian Griffin (1998-2013) is Peter Griffin's dog. He talks, but nobody ever questions how he can talk. On November, 2013, he was killed by a car (which happened to look like his own), and now he's dead. Rest in peace, Brian Griffin. However in December, 2013, Stewie revived him from the dead.He often visited Hyrule Castle like his friend Homer Simpson.



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    Family Guy Brian Griffin- Never Gonna Give You Up

    Family Guy Brian Griffin- Never Gonna Give You Up

  • Stupid idiots


  • He hates dealing with crying babies.
    Brian Grif

    Brian in Hyrule Castle.

  • Like I said, nobody ever wonders how he can talk.
  • He likes taking mushrooms during hurricanes.
  • He is Stan Smith's favorite dog, despite them being the opposites of the political spectrum.
  • He was warned by King Harkinian and Link that the apocalypse was coming. When he realized it was fake, he left.
  • He is another common guest at Hyrule castle. 

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