A cell of Covid.

COVID-19 is basically the Plague. It began around January of 2019, and has since spread from Eluryh to Earth, as well as other inhabited worlds.


  • Coronavirus (inaccurate)
  • Corona (inaccurate)
  • The Plague (informal)
  • The Wuhan Virus (More of a description)
  • Kung Flu (informal)
  • Covid


Coronavirus is its most common name, however this is inaccurate. COVID-19 is a strain of Coronavirus, along with Ebola and Sars. It is, however, more dangerous than its brethren simply because of how easily it spreads.


Wuhan, its place of origin.


Inspired by the recent Gray Spaghetti Plague, Ganon and his minions released the virus into Hyrule about a year after the Form Wars ended, only for the Poopocalypse to hit a few months later and distract everyone. Then, toward the end of the year, it spread to China when some people in Wuhan found the charred corpse of Dr. Rabbit—who had been infected and subsequently died of unrelated causes during the Poopocalypse—and idiotically decided to sell it as food.

By Country


China was the first country on Earth to suffer the effects of the virus, and currently claims to have the situation under control. However, they have reportedly been cremating bodies and manipulating medical records to hide the true death toll. Fortran is threatening to call up his bois to annihilate the entire country if they fail to reopen their casinos soon, and this is the real reason for their haste to declare an end to the crisis.


After testing positive for Covid, Link was quarantined in the Hyrule General Hospital for a while. Zelda was forced to stay a minimum of 7 feet away from him (for obvious reasons). Gwonam was unable to get the virus, because he just flies away from it. Many Hylians have died and the population decreased substantially. However, they discovered a cure when Link accidentally healed himself by eating toilet paper.

Safety Precautions

COVID-19 is not to be treated lightly, it is a pandemic and should be treated as such. Here are some pieces of advice to help you live.

  • Stay far from others.
  • Ration food and limit trips to the grocery store.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances have more than necessary physical contact with others.
  • Clean often used surfaces.
  • Scrub your hands (you should anyway).
  • Don't touch your face or eyes.
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