This has actually happened (on Cackletta's dreams)

Cackletta is a witch who is basically the female counterpart of Rolf but with a much more sense of morality. She and Fawful are the main villains of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Cackletta was born on her house (You weren't expecting that we would write her a backstory, didn't you m8?). Then Cackletta met Fawful and together swore to take over the Plit and steal all the bikes there as possible but first starting with the Beanbean Kingdom of course. But to accomplish her plan, Cackletta had to sell Fawful's retarded soul to King Leonidas or just awake an enragement star called the "Beanstar", Cackletta then choose to awake the useless star but was ultimately foiled by two pesky plumbers. After her defeat, Fawful shat on his pants and decided to take her soul and use it on Bowser when he was about to take a ride on his bike and thus creating Bowletta (Holy sh*t, Bowletta has tits!) but horrified of how she looked now, Cackletta decided to take over Fawful's micro penis instead much to Fawful's horror. After a long battle for the destiny of the bikes, Cackletta lost the battle after Fawful accidentally fapped to this and Cackletta died by frustration.

However, she along with Fawful were resurrected by Rolf in a last attempt to resurrect him but neither Cackletta or Fawful knew about this because they are so stupid to even realize Donald Trump is actually a duck.


  • Cackletta is really Shrek's mother and Fawful is his little brother, this is also the reason why Cackletta hides her ears because she really has ogre ears.
  • She constantly likes to steal Bowser's bike because Doc Louis already stole Mac's one while he was battling a Shroob in the wrong street.
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