GoAnimate Caillou
Caillou in his real form
Vital statistics
Occupation Troublemaker, TV Star
Name Caillou
Age 4
Appearances GoAnimate, Caillou, YouTube Poop
Friends Leo, Clementine, Dora
Enemies Boris, Doris, Ms. Martin
Hometown GoAnimate
Relatives Boris, Doris, Rosie
Favorite Things Causing trouble
Embodied Personalities None
Caillou is some bald kid who always causes trouble and ends up getting grounded by his dad Boris. He likes going to Chuck E. Cheeses.


Caillou has bald hair, yellow/red shirt, white/red socks, blue pants, and red shoes, in which he wears wherever he goes. Caillou himself doesn't look too interesting at all. He can't grow hair, not because he has cancer or progeria, but because he sucks, and even his own body recognizes that he does not deserve hair or food or love


Caillou was born to Boris and Doris in 1993 at an unknown location. Caillou started out life as a cartoon baby, and when he got bigger, the animators simply gave him longer legs and arms. At his rate of current growth, Caillou will look like a human version of a Daddy Long Legs when he reaches adulthood. Adult faces are frozen and expressionless. This is because it is in Canada, which is very cold, and also because the mundane horror of living with Caillou has killed anything human in their souls. Backgrounds are barely fleshed out; the animators hate this show as much as you do, and they want to give it as little effort as possible before returning to drinking to forget their pain. In 2012, Boris and Doris sent Caillou to Koridai, but it ended up not being a good idea. He has a baby sister who dominates his life because she is a normal, loving child who does not whine about the slightest fart of the breeze.

Life in Koridai

When Caillou was sent to Koridai, he got mad since there was no Chuck E. Cheeses, so he called people names and committed crimes. This all ended when he travelled to Hyrule and tried the kill The King, Caillou was killed when he was shot by The King's Dinner Blaster 4 times. He was convicted of 74 total murders, 24 attempted murders, 10 robberies, and 2 cases of arson. When Ganon took notice, he brought Caillou back to life, but Boris and Doris already knew what happened, so they sent him back to his hometown, where he currently lives today. This became known as "The Caillou Massacre" by people and Wumbologists alike.

Caillou "TV Show"


Caillou Logo.

When Caillou got his own TV show back in 1997, about half of the universe hated it. People including King Harkinian thought Caillou was super annoying so he decided to cause trouble outside of his TV show, which ended up getting him grounded so much. In 2010, the crew couldn't handle Caillou's annoying cries, so they cancelled the show for good. The TV show was used in YouTube Poop by many Poopers. The average episode involves Caillou being challenged by something: dogs, loud noises, the wind, stairs, cats, vegetables, sitting up, taking really big breaths. He fails at all of these. Caillou has given up and cried at every single thing ever attempted and then whined into his parents sweater. Which parent? Either, any, whoever: It is a Canadian cartoon, so everyone wears a sweater all the time, even when nude.


Caillou has been notorious for being grounded by Boris so much, that people recorded him and uploaded it to YouTube. Boris grounds Caillou for extremely long times such as 362872 years. People have even made a list of what he has done:

  • Going to Chuck E. Cheeses without permission
  • Annoying everyone
  • Being grounded
  • Doing nothing
  • Going out with Dora The Explorer
  • Stealing Boris's car

Boris had gotten so done that he gave Caillou a series of extremely torturous tasks in which he called "Punishment Days." Boris tries to keep him alive so he can keep his grounding satisfaction.

Final Death

He fails everything in his life, and is so frustrated that he murders his little sister. This throws his parents into a rage, and they do what they should have done long ago. They push him out of their car, tied up in front of a Harleys Davidson, and he cries before being left by the side of the road by his laughing parents. They drive off, ecstatic and free, as the credits roll and the screen fades on a shivering silhouette of Caillou alone in the wilds of rural Quebec.


  • Caillou has the 2nd largest criminal record, only behind by Weegee.
  • It was said that Caillou can temporarily grow in size to cause havoc.
  • Caillou has never returned to Koridai ever again.


  • "I'm going to Chuck E. Cheeses even though my dad said no."
  • "Die."
  • "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (When Caillou cries.)
  • "F**k you all!"
  • "Why did my parents send me to Koridai, it's so boring here. There's not even a Chuck E. Cheeses. Hey, I know, I'll cause a killing spree until I find one."
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