"Jawohl, mein Führer!"

                       - Calvin talking to someone

Calvin Watterson
Calvin W
Calvin is saved!
Vital statistics
Occupation Inventor, Wumbologist
Name Calvin Watterson
Age 34
Appearances Calvin and Hobbes
Born June 10, 1980
Died March 5, 2068
Friends Hobbes, Garfield, others
Enemies Otto Günsche, Arthur Hastings, Hercule Poirot, The Burger King, Adolf Hitler, Claude Frollo, Jeeves and Bertie Wooster, Best Hercules, The Sorceress, Fari, Prince Adam, Daiastans.
Hometown United States
Relatives Bill Watterson (father), Spiff Watterson (descendant)
Faction The Hobbes
Fate Died in the Toast Meltdown
Favorite Things Being crazy
Embodied Personalities Darth Calvin
Calvin Watterson (1980–2068) is a deranged boy who tends to act very temperamental and hypocritical. He often makes cameos in YouTube Poop and Chewiki. Note that Calvin tends to question things like the existence of Santa Claus and what is the greatest thing in life. Other times, he just throws snowballs and dreams about aliens. In his later life, he lived in Koridon, where he died as a result of the Toast Meltdown.


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