Canada is a place in Canada right next to Canada and Canada. It was formerly called Canada.

Canada's president.


Canada 1.0

The original Canada (Canada 1.0) was found by some drunk named Sir (that's right, he was knighted) John A. MacDonald. The core principle was to be as Anti-American as possible.

Canada 2.0

The ideas of Canada 1.0 were failing so a man named Wilfrid Laurier took over the government and created Canada 2.0.

Canada 3.0

In the 1920s, Communists took over Canada and thus emerged Canada 3.0.

Canada 4.0

After World War II, America slapped some sense into Canada and the Canadians dropped Communism and thus became Canada 4.0.

Canada 5.0

During the 1960s, hippies took over Canada and thus the drug-endorsed Canada 5.0 emerged.

Canada 6.0

When the war on drugs began, Canada 5.0 collapsed and was replaced by Canada 6.0, a government that was extremely capitalist.

Canada 7.0

Pure capitalism was turning Canada to hell so Canada 6.0 ended and the more Social Democratic Canada 7.0 emerged.

TV Shows


YTP Tennis The Sonadow Fanbase Relocates to Canada

YTP Tennis The Sonadow Fanbase Relocates to Canada



Canadians are almost never a cause for concern.

  • On South Park, Canadians seem to have heads that separate from their bodies whenever they talk. This inspired the concept to Malleo and Weegee.
  • The only country bigger than it is Russia, which is pretty much right next to it.
    • The only thing separating Canada and Russia is Alaska.
      • King Harkinian has visited all three of those places, albeit briefly.
    • The fourth biggest country is to its south.
  • Its capital is Ottawa.
  • Many poopers are from there, since the Internet there can be accessed by anyone with web service.
  • Zelda characters are popular in Canada. Really, really popular.


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