Captain King

Captain King.

You may have been looking for the Link and King Show episode.

Captain King is a superhero form of King Harkinian that has a source of power called the Triforce of Power, which he stole from Ganon's lair. He took advantage of it and used it to defeat his enemy, King Gator, before Ganon pushed him off a building and took the Triforce back. He was inspired by the man from The Mask.


He seems to have an orange cape (not shown), orange gloves, and orange shoes. He also wears yellow shirt and pants, and a black mask. For some reason, he has the Kellogg's logo on his crown.



The captain in flight.

  • Flight
  • Good hearing
  • Shoop da Whoop
  • Ability to change his voice whenever he wants
  • Dinner Punch
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