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Chris Hansen (born 1959) is a television reporter who constantly snoops on perverts, especially those who like kids. Dr. Rabbit is his worst enemy besides Pedobear, but he obviously doesn't get along with most other YouTube Poop characters either. He is a hardcore fan of Pingas MMMMusic, but he never got to see them perform live, as they broke up before they ever toured on Earth. He has held a grudge against Dr. Robotnik and Morshu (see below) ever since, and he has confronted both of them over suspected acts of pedophilia.



Immediately after Morshu became the temporary king of Hyrule while King Harkinian was hospitalized due to an eye injury, as seen in The Morshu Movie, Gwonam advised him to deliver "lamp oil" to some poor children. Gwonam then notified Chris Hansen of Morshu's imminent actions, and Hansen caught Morshu–who unsuccessfully tried to distract him by belching–in the act, resulting in his removal as king.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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