Vital statistics
Occupation Unknown
Name Cirno
Age Over 60 (Maybe 6 in Fairy Years)
Appearances Touhou
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Hometown Gensokyo
Relatives Reimu (Known), Marisa (Known)
Favorite Things Unknown
Embodied Personalities Unknown

Cirno is an ice fairy from Touhou.

Cirno thinks she's great at everything. But, she's wrong. She is a Baka.

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No She Can't!


Baka Baka!

YTP Major Bison Likes Dinner

YTP Major Bison Likes Dinner

Cirno is still an idiot in Youtube Poops

King and Cirno

Take her away!


  • "Yes Eye Can!"
  • "Eye'm the GREATEST!"
  • "There's no busses in Gensokyo."
  • "Eye'm the Strongest!"


  • Cirno's Perfect Math Class
  • Chirumiru Cirno

Members of Cirno's Group

  • Rumia - Cirno's friend. She's a youkai of the dark that likes to eat humans. But she couldn't see in her dark. She mostly say, "Is that so?"
  • Mystia - A night sparrow. When she sings, people get headaches.
  • Wriggle - A firefly youkai. She is not allowed to go in buildings. (Also the King's castle)

People who called Cirno a Baka


  • Many People believe that Cirno being the teacher is Illegal.
  • She is the leader of her group. Her group is called "Team 9" (A.K.A. Circle 9)
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