Clythia's death


Clythia Harkinian (1899–2009) is King Harkinian's mother and the spouse of Harold Harkinian.


Clythia Harkinian was born Clythia Jones on August 27, 1899 to Grannie Jones and Grampa Jones. She learned stuff about boats and became the first woman to circumnavigate Eluryh. Then, in 1922, she married Harold Harkinian. Clythia and Harold had some children before Clythia started an affair with Harold's brother Leonard Harkinian. This led to Clythia and Harold getting a divorce and Harold gaining custody of John Harkinian, Clythia and Harold's first child. Clythia then married Leonard, but he died in 1967. After that, her drug-addicted brother-in-law Joseph Harkinian returned to Hyrule to become king. Joseph ended up irritating Clythia so much that when she suffered a nearly-fatal heart attack in 1970, she bribed her doctors into keeping her survival secret, then abandoned her children to escape to Koridai. She was finally killed in 2009 when King Harkinian slapped her.


Her granddaughter is Zelda, and she has 8 sons, including King Harkinian, Minh Harkinian, and Rodney Harkinian, as well as many daughters.


  • She had her son at age 56.
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