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A Communist Party.

Dem Commies are a bunch of assholes who believe in nothing but Communism. They want to destroy Capitalist America in order to bring a new era of Communism. It all started with Karl Marx who wrote a extremely boring book talking about Communism. This lead to the rise of Dem Commies who later took over Russia and eventually Poland.

It seemed that Dem Commies died off in 1991, but during that time in 1997, the revived Deng Xiaoping tried to ressurect it for his world domination, but failed when he Chin defeated him. The impact of those dem Commies unforntunately became one of the factors that created the SJW Community, while the Commies themselves where never seen since then until they rose again in 6969 when Capitalist America collapsed. However, a resistance started and Dem Commies sent back The Commie-nator in order to kill the several people who would cause the resistance.

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