Composite Link (2021 - 2025) is an ugly abomination who is half-King Harkinian and half-Link. He is created by a unknown scientist using the DNA samples of both of them. His original mission was to replace both of them after they were gone, but ends up killing the creator instead and ran away, causing a big rampage all over the town before being arrested by the police. He was later freed and Raymond D. Gai and joins the group to let the leader take Ephedia's throne, but he was melted into organic mess after getting exposed by Iris' Crystal Quinta attack. Is unknown what happened to his exposed organs after that.


  • He is a ovbious parody of the DC Comics villain Composite Superman.
  • He is one of the only forms that did not partecipate the Form Wars due to being born 3 years after the war ended.
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