Why does he need two walking sticks?

Donkey Kong, Sr., known as Cranky Kong later in life, is the father of Donkey Kong, Jr. and the grandfather of Donkey Kong.


Donkey Kong, Sr. was born in Kongo-Bongo on January 21, 1949. Like most members of his species, he reached adulthood by the time he was ten. In 1962, he went on a vacation to Brooklyn, only to be abducted by a dim-witted Italian-American psychopath who forced him to perform circus acts. Donkey eventually broke free and attempted to get his revenge by kidnapping Mario's girlfriend, Pauline, but Mario rescued Pauline and imprisoned Donkey. Luckily, Donkey's son, Donkey Kong Jr., defeated Mario and freed his father for good.


  • He owns a shop, making him the Kongo-Bongo equivalent of Morshu.
  • He wants you to go home and let him get some sleep.
  • He often breaks the fourth wall.
  • His wife died in 1998.
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