Youtube Poop Cartoon MUNF MUNF!-1

Youtube Poop Cartoon MUNF MUNF!-1

Episode 1: MUNF MUNF!

The Crazy Cat Cartoons are two TV episodes created by Craaazy Cat13 in 2008. They are basically YouTube Poops that were hand drawn and involve a few characters. It became unpopular the same year and ended a year later


Munf Munf Commercial

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Crazy Cat Luigi keeps trying to interrupt Crazy Cat Harkinian's plans for selling Munf Munf, but dies in the process.

Turbo CD-I Cartoon

Turbo CD-I Cartoon

Turbo CD-I Cartoon

Episode 2: Turbo CD-I Cartoon

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King Harkinian is attacked by a yellow submarine, has to duel with a man, is attacked by Crazy Cat Morshu, and then defeats the evil Crazy Cat Mario.


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