Cure for Weegee

Do you like waffles?

For more information, see Belgian Waffles.

In 2014, Gwonam discovered a cure for the Weegee Virus. It is often found exclusively in Belgian waffles and costs $800 for one shot that lasts 7 years, and it rids of all the symptoms.


For 8367 years, people have been looking for a cure, first using flowers. That just made them burn up when they were fully infected. Hypocrites (not related to Hippocrates) developed a cure made from meat, but that just made recepients become vomit dispensers. During the Medieval Times, despite the fact that science (since nobody cared out important things in Western Europe), it oddly happened to be that nobody got infected (because Weegee was living in Russia at the time). Weegee virus research stopped until the late 1700s, when Weegee infected Benjamin Franklin and created Benjee Frankleegee. This time it was taken more seriously, but many died trying to find a cure, including F. Writewell Meen in the 1940s. A cure was finally discovered in 2011.

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