Daizeh D. Malleo
Vital statistics
Occupation Queen of the Weegees.
Name Daizeh D. Malleo
Age Around 20 billion years.
Appearances  ???
Friends Paesh, Malleo
Enemies Tawtangah
Hometown Unknown
Relatives *Paesh, cousin
Favorite Things *Probably evil stuff
  • Flowers
Embodied Personalities Daisy

Daizhee, more commonly known as Daizeh, is Weegee's wife. Her children are Weegee's children. She is the queen of the evil-ish United 'Gees Universe, but here's the twist; she can turn into Daisy, and Luigi, who is unaware of her true identity, married her. This means Daizeh can make Weegee take over the entire Mushroom Kingdom; what a clever ploy!

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