Diary of a Wimpy King

It's not a journal, it's a diary!

Diary of a Wimpy King is a book released in 2007. It is the only book Gwonam has written. It is based on King Harkinian's real diary entries from 1989 to 1994, which the King resents.


The king writes about how hard it is living hardships in Middle Kingdom. He and his friend Link (which he calls "Rowlink" in the book for some reason) end up losing as friendship as Link becomes more popular, and the King decides to do an act, and he then makes himself look like an idiot, but Link says its great, and their friendship is restored.


The book got mixed reviews. UshromMario, and I.M. Meen liked it, saying it was truly funny and heartfelt. Weegee found it boring since it wasn't violent enough for his tastes, Zelda felt there were too many story gaps, and Morshu simply said it was gay.

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